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Toolbox talks for World Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Health Day in October we held several talks on all of our sites about the importance about talking about any problems.

This coincides with our ongoing work all-year round to make sure we have dedicated staff trained up as mental health first aiders.

We’ve joined other YORhub contractors in running several toolbox talks, as it’s revealed every single working day in the UK two construction workers take their own life.

Stress, depression or anxiety accounts for a fifth of all work-related illness.

Joe Rymer, health and safety manager at Hobson & Porter, said: “Everyone has mental health and mental health problems are common, even more so in construction. They can impact anyone at any time.

“There is no weakness in struggling with your mental health, but there is courage to talk about how you really feel.

“Keep an eye on your work mates and if you are struggling yourself, we want you to have the confidence to reach out.”

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