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This time, we sat down with Sam Craven (Senior site manager), Jacquie Blades (HR director) and Aaron Wilson (recently qualified apprentice joiner) to talk about their time in and out of construction and what life is like at Hobson & Porter.

Welcome to our Business Bulletin

Welcome to our six monthly update which provides you with news, updates and insights into the values, projects and people which make Hobson & Porter a successful construction delivery partner.

2019 has seen us deliver some fantastic projects across the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions and we are grateful to everyone who has played a part in this success.

Thank you for your hard work this year and take the time to unwind during the Christmas break with your friends and loved ones. We look forward to seeing you in the new year for an even more successful 2020.

Best wishes,

The Hobson & Porter team

Aaron Wilson
Recently qualified apprentice joiner

Started with Hobson & Porter: 2016

Construction – how did you get into the industry?

My dad was a joiner by trade and so I always wanted to follow in his path. I went to a construction event while I was at school and got put forward to Pauline Steele (ESP co-ordinator at Hobson & Porter) who organised some work experience for me which then led to my apprenticeship. I haven’t looked back!

What have been your career highlights from the past six months?

I’m working on a really good job building a church in Driffield at the moment – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself there. I’ve also recently come out of my apprenticeship and got a job as well which is great.

Biggest misconception about the construction industry?

When I first started, I didn’t think there’d be that many office-based staff, I thought everyone would be site-based.

Any safety lessons learned?

Don’t rush things – take your time.

How do you take your brew?
White, two sugars.

Favourite biscuit?
Jaffa cake.

Last film watched at the cinema?

Toy Story 4.

First car? Honda Jazz

Sam Craven
Senior site manager

Started with Hobson & Porter 2011

First job?

I worked at Sainsbury’s stacking shelves part-time whilst at University.

What do you think clients value most about working with Hobson & Porter?

We're family-run, a very friendly company with great staff. I think
that comes through in the work we do.

The best project you’ve been involved in?

The Orsted East Coast Hub has to be the one for me. It was a prestigious project, a good client to work with and I was fortunate enough to work on it from the early enabling works, right through to handover earlier this year.

What's the biggest misconception about working in construction?

People think it is dirty, messy work – but there is such a variety of jobs you can do, there’s something for everyone.

Safety lessons learned?

If you plan things properly, they get done right.

When it's raining on site, it's always busy in the...BLANK... department back at the head office!

"Commercial! You'll never get a QS out in the rain!"

First car A Peugeot 206 and I still have one!

A great night out starts with …BLANK… and ends with …BLANK...

“A great night starts with your clothes on and ends with them off! – that’s when you know you’ve had a decent night!” (N.B. -Sam was once of national TV fame for this very subject!)

A dream project that you would like to have been involved in?

A big football stadium like Tottenham Hotspur or Wembley.

Last film watched at the cinema?

Mine was probably Frozen!

Jacquie Blades
HR director

Started with Hobson & Porter


First ever job? I started working here in 1985, I've worked in almost every department over the years!

What do you think clients value most about working at Hobson & Porter?

The effort we make, we try to please all of our clients.

The best project you've been involved in?

I’ve got lots of memories of jobs that have taken us on to the next stage. There was St George’s Road in Hull; 63 new-build houses. I remember being stood in the garage photocopying the tenders on thermal paper like it was yesterday. At that time, it was a huge job for us!

Favourite memories from working at HP?

I remember Richard Bettison, one of our Project Managers, arriving at mum and dad’s when he was a young apprentice – he’d come on his bike and he was soaking wet through. He put some jeans on of my dad’s that were half-way up his legs and headed out to site! I’ve got lots of memories over the years!

When it’s raining on site, it’s always busy in the …BLANK.. department back at head office?

It’s the other way round- when it’s sunny there’s never anybody in the office!

What is the biggest misconception about construction?

Due to big values linked to projects and the high-turnovers, people outside the industry think it’s stashed with cash and it just isn’t true; It’s high-risk, low-return and it’s an awful lot of hard work. I’ve been here through two recessions and I remember times when our pipeline all-but dried up and we had to travel outside of our usual area to pick up whatever work we could find, it’s a world away from easy money!

First car?

A little red Mini called Cherry. I can even remember the registration!

How do you take your brew?

It has to be Yorkshire Tea!

Favourite biscuit?

Chocolate digestive with a milky tea.

Last film watched at the cinema?

Probably 'Elf' back in 2003!