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Supporting Hornsea Community Primary School with funding for food project

We’ve recently supported Hornsea Primary School to help secure £5000 to redevelop an unloved area of its school grounds.

The school was successful in gaining funding from YOR4Good to create a new outdoor learning space. YOR4Good provides grants to community groups to support local economic regeneration projects.

The grant will help Hornsea Community Primary School create a community orchard food to fork project, on some unused land that is currently overgrown. The project will provide an opportunity for pupils to grow, cook and eat produce that they nurture from seed.

They will also be involved in a local community gardening group to create awareness of the importance of community and sustainability. The project will provide children with an opportunity to not only working outside, but also preparing, cooking and serving food.

The project is important from a mental health and wellbeing perspective, as it gives pupils a change to exercise and interact with other, as well as an important foundation for understanding how to eat a healthy diet through fresh produce. Pupils will also gain important life skills that they can pass onto others.

Miss Simmonite, a teacher at HCPS, said: “Hobson & Porter have been a fantastic support and we are also working closely with them to see if we can repurpose some of the materials removed from some of their sites to help with the community orchard redevelopment."

Our work with Hornsea Community Primary School follows our two current projects taking place in the town, a redevelopment of East Riding Leisure Hornsea and a new care home for developers Yorkare.