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United with our stakeholders

#Supplierinfocus- Chris Mann, O’Boyle Brothers

Each issue we reach out to our diverse supply chain and speak to members about what they do and what working with us means to them.

This time, we speak Chris Mann, at groundwork and civils specialist O’Boyle Brothers.


Names/Organisation/Job role:

Chris Mann, O'Boyle Brothers Ltd, project manager

Describe your day to day role/duties at O’Boyles in a few words…

General day to day running of the works including setting out of activities to be carried out and monitoring health and safety.

How long have you/O’Boyles worked with Hobson & Porter?

7 Years

Project you’ve most enjoyed working on with HP and why?
Riseholme Collage Campus, as this was a large project which we were on from start to finish.

How did your working relationship with HP begin?

As our company is based in Lincoln, when Hobson & Porter obtained the Riseholme College campus in Lincoln they reached out to us as we were a local contractor. Since then, we have built up as base around the Hull area.

Have you brought through any apprentices or new starters to the industry this year or do you plan to?

We have not brought through any apprentices this year but have in previous years and will be looking to hopefully bring a setting out engineer apprentice through in 2021.

What is the best thing for you about working on projects for Hobson & Porter?

Your opinion is taken into consideration and the jobs are carried out as we are all working for the same team.

What are your thoughts on the future of our industry? Challenges and opportunities?

Currently everything is up in the air due to the pandemic but I’m hopeful the construction industry will bounce back quickly.

Has working with Hobson & Porter helped O’Boyles develop as in a business in any way? ( e.g. growth/new products/services/new locations/new work types)

Yes, we have expanded the business to cover a wider area and have a more permanent base around the Hull area. Also building a relationship with a number of local businesses and supplies within hull and the surrounding area.

When working, how do you take your brew?

Coffee all the way, milky one sugar

If you could be involved on any project it would be… (e.g. Humber Bridge, Crossrail, Channel Tunnel, Eiffel Tower…)

Definitely the Humber Bridge.

Best piece of advice you’ve received working in construction?

Always be looking at it not for it.