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Community focused

Project initiatives

Social value and lasting legacy are key performance drivers for all our projects. All of our staff share the value in going above and beyond to play a positive role in the areas we work in.

2019 has been no different, from fundraising for various wonderful charities, to thinking outside the box to promote and enhance local organisations and transforming communities for the better.

Transforming our building sites

Building sites might not be the most attractive of places when work begins, but the same can’t be said about our work at East Riding Leisure Hornsea. That is thanks to pupils from the four schools in Hornsea who created amazing murals to transform the hoardings around the site.

We received 500 submissions from children aged 2 through to 15 under the titles of ‘Pride in your town’ and ‘#loveconstruction’. Their work doesn’t just look incredible, it was also rewarded by being named a winner in the Ivor Goodsite Hoarding Competition 2019.

Benches for HUG

In October we also recycled several benches rescued during our work transforming East Riding Leisure Hornsea to complete a community garden in the town, supporting the work of the Hornsea Urban Gardeners (HUG).

Among our ventures include being a member of the Humber Waste Alliance, joining some of the region’s biggest private and public-sector industries driving awareness of waste and its impact on the local water systems. The role includes sharing our best practice and helping one another.

Pupils bury energy-themed time capsule at Aura Innovation Centre

To mark the completion of the Aura Innovation Centre, pupils from All Saints Federation donned high-vis vests and wellies to bury a time capsule which included their views on what sources of energy might exist in the future.