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#Project flashback- Eltherington/HETA facility Dansom Lane South

“We have worked closely with Eltherington Group for a number of years, working on major and minor works including the original facility in Dansom Lane South. I have fond memories of that first project and the team I worked with there, it was a close group and everyone pulled together.

It’s great to see a local firm flourish the way it has. From its beginnings in 1960 to now employing over 200 staff.” -Bernie Porter, site manager

Eltherington Group/HETA Dansom Lane facility- The job we did twice!

In 2018 Humberside Engineering Training Association (HETA) relocated to a new facility in Dansom Lane South. The new centre, delivered by Hobson & Porter, provides nearly 34,000 square feet of space which has been refurbished and repurposed to create industry-standard workshop spaces, IT and electronics labs and industrial training rigs.

The new HETA centre was previously occupied by the Eltherington Group. The premises was constructed by Hobson & Porter some 30 years ago, with now retired site manager Bernie Porter leading the original project.

Bernie returned to the site in Dansom Lane in 2017 to deliver the extensive conversion and refurbishment of the facility. It was one of his last jobs before his retirement from the industry after more than 30 years of hard work.

HETA purchased the site in Dansom Lane following Eltherington Group’s relocation to a purpose built facility on Hedon Road.

On HETA: "It was strange to return to a site I had worked on so many years ago but also good to be able to turn it into something that supports apprentice development and helps prepare the next generation of engineers into the world of work.

"It was also nice for me to work on a familiar site as one of my last jobs before retiring. Working back on Dansom Lane South brought my career round full circle and provided plenty of memories."