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Case Study-Humber Wood Recycling Project

Humber Wood Recycling Project is a self-funding social enterprise that aims to reduce wood waste, saving resources and creating training, volunteering and workplace opportunities for people within the local community.

Working in partnership with the National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP)
Humber Wood reclaims and re-uses wood waste, predominately generated by the construction industry, reducing the amount of wood that is needlessly sent to landfill.

Hobson & Porter has partnered with Humber Wood and disposes of its project waste wood by donating it to the social enterprise, where it can then be used on community-focused initiatives.

Humber Wood arranges collections from Hobson & Porter’s sites, reusing materials such as Timber lengths, sheet wood materials, roof timbers, joists and beams, scaffold boards wooden doors, furniture, hardwood offcuts and pallets.