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Environmentally Pro-active

Case Study- Humber Waste Alliance

Our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for tomorrow’s generation is something we take very seriously, setting new standards for waste awareness, reduction and management.

With that in mind we are a member of Humber Waste Alliance, joining some of the region’s biggest private and public sector industries driving awareness of waste and its impact on the local water systems.

In our role in the new alliance we hope to make a real and tangible difference.

The role includes sharing our best practice and helping one another, seeking to use the power and influence of the region’s biggest players to achieve confidence and cost-economies.

Where possible we try to keep waste to a minimum and have received accolades for our efforts.

Our project to build the Norton Community Primary School received an award for the achievement of 10-tonnes of recycled wood waste.

We also look at the impact of our work and the environmental impact it could have.

Our work at the Nostell Way housing project in Bridlington included triple glazing and triple glazing and extensive insulation.

They were chosen to make sure the houses are all energy efficient, and compost bins and water butts have been installed in order to encourage residents to live environmentally-friendly lifestyles.