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Guildhall Reroofing

“It has been very exciting to work on one of Hull’s most iconic buildings and deliver an upgrade to its impressive facilities. We’re particularly looking forward to Phase two of the project, where we’ll be upgrading the hall’s historic time ball, one of the few left in the country. The restoration will secure its future and raise awareness of its significance and maritime importance.” -Adrian Morley, Contracts Manager, Hobson & Porter

In December we completed a major re-roofing programme at Hull’s historic Guildhall for Hull City Council. Phase one of the building’s refurbishment involved a partial reroof and upgrade of the gating system around the building.

Following completion of this work, in 2021 we will begin work on Phase two of the refurbishment. During Phase two, the Guildhall Time Ball will be fully restored to its former glory, taking pride of place once more on the city’s skyline.

Dating back to 1918, the Time Ball is one of very few remaining in the UK and was a crucial navigational aid chosen for Hull due to its importance as a trading port, and its local connection with clockmaker John Harrison, who in the 1700s triumphed inventors around the globe to accurately determine longitude at sea.